MINA, the Museum of Immersive New Art, opened yesterday, August 25 in Bucharest, becoming the first immersive space in Romania and the largest new media art center in Southeast Europe. More than that, it will redefine art through emerging technologies while bringing immersive exhibitions to an industrial space. As such, the former ICE FELIX computer factory has become the largest new media art center in Southeast Europe, with over 2,500 square meters.

MINA is the center that brings together our passion for digital art and innovation within the cultural and creative industries that we want to celebrate through an approach accessible to the general public. It represents our experience accumulated in 6 years of One Night Gallery brand projects, where we focused on the creation and development of the local new media art scene and the coagulation of the community of artists and developers who now have a permanent exhibition space.

MINA is also based on the 10-year experience of Le Petit projects, which means a community of thousands of people who have taken part in interactive experiences and out-of-the-ordinary concepts. MINA will be the place where every visitor is a protagonist, and everything happens in a building with a history to match, the former ICE Felix computer production hall, which we set out to bring back to life together with our partners.

Co-founders of MINA

MINA is an innovative approach presented by George.BCR, conceived by One Night Gallery and Le Petit, and is the sum of the intersections between art, emerging technologies as a creative medium, interactive experiences, education, and the development of new digital skills.

All photos belong to MINA.

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