This series tells the story of the mystery of the disappearance of children in a fictional city called Winden. Season 3 was released this year as its final season and had a successfully received appreciation from many people because the story is considered mindblowing and invites many question marks in each episode. Beginning with the track which I failed to skip this time around since I find it amazing. The whole soundtrack is amazing. DARK may be one of the best original series on Netflix, but it’s also among the most confusing.

Watching the Dark series is guaranteed to make you dissolve in a gripping atmosphere. This film is supported by the setting of a place that is always cloudy, the mood of the players who keep on looking sullen, and the scoring film that makes the heart beat fast. This series also has the spices of a small town-style drama when it reveals a mystery such as an infidelity, betrayal, domestic problems, to the love triangle of high school teens. Jonas’s slow transformation from the start seemed one of Dark’s most intriguing plots. However, the next episodes passed, and the viewers still did not know exactly how he turned from a gullible but good teenager into his older self, and then finally into Adam. The mystery of the leader of the Sic Mundus Creatus Est was alluring if a little annoying. We all wanted answers at some point.

For the most part, Dark can be said to end on a happy note except for the main characters… The cost of ending the time loop is that both Jonas and Martha cease to exist. I may add that this kind of love story is one of the most beautiful and also painful “we’re perfect for each other never believe anything else”. Holding on to someone who you love but your love is not meant to be…

If you’re going to pay attention to the lyrics of the OST you’ll be much more affected by the story itself :

Fold-out your hands
Give me a sign
Hold down your lies
Lay down next to me
Don’t listen when I scream
Bury your thoughts (doubts)
And fall asleep
Find out
I was just a bad dream

The DARK series is exactly what I imagined. Dark, atmospheric, difficult to decipher. The very first scenes introduce anxiety, which is not easy to get used to. In this series, you might be confused because several characters are the same but are shown with different actors in different time settings. And that’s the catch! It’s amazingly confusing and that made me even more curious to find out what the hell is going on. The series is relatively difficult to understand just because of the time variations. For the last series, Netflix wrote that frantic time travel is coming to ahead. In a strange new world, some things are familiar, but others are disturbingly unknown.

On the other hand, I always wondered how it would be time traveling and what if you could turn back time to undo your mistakes… but with what cost? What about meeting your future self…will you have questions? Maybe questions with no proper answer… “Every decision for something is a decision against something else…

The theme song from the Netflix series ‘Dark’.
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