Antonia Constantinescu is a young Romanian photographer based in Bucharest. Her first impact with photography was when she first bought a mobile phone, photographing flowers, sunsets, buildings and about four years ago she discovered the beauty of human body. Antonia simply loves to capture the eyes, hands, lips and the skin’s texture. She told Cultartes: “Everything changed when I received a DSLR camera and my perspective on photography has changed. I started to google on how I can use it and what things I should know when I suddenly found Sorelle Amore’s work. She captures autoportraits, some of them are nude. I remember this to be my first contact with nude photography and it seems to me that it conveys an intimate relation between the viewer and the photograph itself. What I’m trying to do is to highlight this beauty that I see when photographing and in the same time to express something to the viewer.”

I want to believe that my photographs highlight the sensitivity when capturing the human body.

Antonia’s favorite artists are Sorelle Amore, Chantal Convertini (she simply shares an intimate scenery with every photograph), Natalia Drepina with its morbid photographs and Cristian Crisbasan which she remembers to have listened to one of his interview and influenced her a lot.

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