Valerinne & Methadone Skies @Control

Last week I witnessed another cool gig in Control Club which became one of my favorite places in town; for the 4th time I had the pleasure to see Valerinne together with another cool band, Methadone Skies. Probably two bands unique by their sounds, no vocals just instruments and as […]

Era Pietrelor Neșlefuite Trece Printr-o Zi de Marți: PINHOLES în Expirat

Dacă muzica (mai) înseamnă facere, desfacere, căutare și perspectivă, atunci băieții de la Pinholes sunt pe drumul care trebuie. De ce spun asta? Pentru că am dat de ei întâmplător – așa-i șade muzicii bine, să-și facă loc! – iar universul descoperit, căci este vorba despre o construcție, un puzzle […]

Lucifer and Storytelling – Ghost’s “Prequelle” (Review)

[:en]When the news of the lawsuit against Tobias Forge, the Ghost front man, hit the fans, it was highly speculated that it meant the end for one of the most interesting acts in metal in the last decade. The anonymity they had worked to keep and the mystery of what […]

The Pink Elephants – “Visions of Troy” EP {Review}

[:en] I recently received an album from this band and at first sight, it doesn’t say much since I had no idea what’s the deal with it. The Pink Elephants is a psychedelic rock project, at least that’s what they say. “Visions of Troy“, as far as I can comprehend, […]

Brooklyn-Made Dub: Super Hi-Fi Releases ‘Blue and White’ LP (Exclusive)

[:en] We’re proud to be hosting the long expected jazzy-reggae LP Blue and White official release by New York-based gang Super Hi-Fi. A virtuous blend of reggae, with rock and ska influences in right amounts of each, is probably what your ears (and soul) need to regenerate. I’ve taken a close, chill listen […]

Lucia’s Newest Song “FRTHR” Brings Out a Sense of Melancholy

[:en] Lucia, or by her full name, Lucia Maria Popescu is a Romanian singer who recently released a new song titled FRTHR. Her long-awaited return has come with a great impact on public, whilst she sounds more confident and ambitious as well. This happens to be such a challenging and […]