PIXI – The Digital, Forest-Haunting Organism Created by WERC

[:en] The artist collective WERC based in Groningen, The Netherlands, has a captivating back story about what can happen if technology and nature create a symbiosis close to perfection. The group is a network of multiple teams specialized in different areas, combining new media and techniques in a series of […]

[:en]Hala Fix: ‘We’re Done With Acting in Bars!'[:]

[:en] Romania is the place where young actors play in bar basements, musicians work as bartenders while having a show and visual artists exhibit in coffee places. And all that seemed all right, adequate even, until a bar that used to live a double life – providing drinks on day time […]

Mona Vulpoiu’s Queenly Jewels Suggest a Hypnotic Effect

[:en] It’s been a while since I first saw Mona Vulpoiu‘s delightful, compelling, alien-like jewels. Utopic brand led me to her, since she’s in charge of this project. Step by step I came to realize her creations are truly dreamy and quite bold. Mona’s work may seem simple for some […]