Earth – our home – is facing an unprecedented crisis in global heating, extreme weather, and biodiversity loss.​​​​​​ According to Greenpeace, every year, we witness the loss of precious rivers, lakes, forests, and grasslands, due to deforestation, industrial agriculture, and greed. That’s why, it comes as no surprise that fires, heatwaves, floods, and drought are at an all-time peak. We are partially at fault but mostly because we have allowed greedy corporations to destroy nature’s greatest treasures for profit. Sadly, banks and governments help pay for it.

Every day, human activities such as pollution, deforestation, and burning fossil fuels harm thousands of species and entire ecosystems. At Greenpeace, it is our mission to stand up against these practices, in favor of protecting nature, however, this time we have let it speak for itself.

Co: Francisco Cavada – Alvaro Becker
Head of Art: Sergio Araya – Joaquín Toro
Cd: Matias Escalona
Creative Supervisor: Carlos Berrios
Art Director: Carlos Berrios – Eduardo Revetria – Danilo Henriquez – Pablo Orozco – Flavio Cabezas
Copywriter: Jorge Abuhadba – Matias Painemal

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