Dark, subtle and grotesque. Matt Lombard‘s portfolio seems impalpably, a trip to the darkest places on earth. Collaborating with both Cradle of Filth and Mortiis, Matt has always been drawn to extreme nature, growing up on a steady diet of death metal, serial killer books and collecting everything he could from H.R.Giger. Find out more about his influences and collaborations on the following interview.

How did you get into photography?

I started working with photography 20 years ago. I had just quit playing guitar in bands and was looking for a new creative outlet. I began as a photographer but the digital field seemed an inevitable progression for me. I envisioned so much more for the photographs I captured and found working digitally a perfect fit for what I needed to do to get the image to its final resting place so to speak.

Your artworks are just great, how would you describe your art for those who are not aware of it?

A reflection of the darkest side of human nature. My work has a surreal and strange element to most of the themes I explore. I have always been attracted to extremes in all forms. I believe this inevitably leaks out of my subconscious and is reborn in my imagery like some sort of dark spiritual voice looking for a doorway to sail through.

Why black and white ?

After I quit working in bands, I began collecting photography by artists such as Robert Gregory Griffeth, Joel Peter Witkin, John Santerineross, and Gilles Berquet. I was drawn to photography through my love for black and white photographs. Since then I have felt comfortable in this field and generally don’t stray too far except when I work in a sepia or blue tone.

Tell us a bit about the collab with Havard Ellefsen (Mortiis )

About 15 years ago, I was approached by Havard about doing some t-shirt designs for him. Unfortunately at the time, I was already working with Cradle of Filth for their upcoming release Nymphetamine. Over the years we have kept in contact. The new Era I tour seemed the perfect time to finally shoot him when he came through the US on tour. He was great to work with and I’m looking forward to creating more portraits with him for my dementia series (a series of portraits that came out of experiencing the decline and passing of my father several years ago).

What is your main influence for photomanipulation?

Most of my influences tend to be photographers but there are also a few in the digital field like Seth Siro Anton, Fabrice Lavollay, and Cam De Leon. Although I truly enjoy photography, I would say putting together the digital composition and detail is my favorite part of the process. To watch the pieces of the puzzle fall into place during the construction of the composition, then the final push to add the harsh details to build the aesthetic at the end.

Which genre you listen the most? Can you give us some music related suggestions ?

Though mostly in the Rock or Electronic genres … it’s a pretty wide range of things I listen to these days, everything from Fleetwood Mac to Behemoth. Some of my favorites are Boy Harsher, Peter Gabriel, Low, Chelsea Wolfe, Drab Majesty, Type O Negative, Miserable, Septicflesh, David Bowie, Richard Ashcroft, Mesh, Porcupine Tree, Sisters of Mercy, Emma Ruth Rundle, Lustmord, Lingua Ignota, Depeche Mode, Placebo, Trentemoller, Skinny Puppy, and pretty much any 80’s new wave stuff!

Thank you million times again for your time and for your kindness! Last words belong to you.

Thank you for the support and interest in my work! If anyone is interested in seeing more of my images they can be found on Instagram or on Facebook . I just launched at Threadless shop this week so now you can pick up t-shirts and skate decks with my art here.

All copyrights: Matt Lombard

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