Discover Romanian Illustrator Andreea Dumuta’s Unpredictable Narratives

Looking at the work of Romanian illustrator Andreea Dumuta is like opening a long-lost storage unit packed to the brim with objects, characters and memes. The amount of details in Andreea’s work encourages viewers to create their own stories through image association. I first ran into the illustrator’s work on […]

Sculptural Clothing by Romanian Designer Ioana Noir

The great German-American architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe called his buildings “skin and bones” architecture. He sought an objective approach that would guide the creative process of architectural design, but was always concerned with expressing the spirit of the modern era. He is often associated with his fondness for […]

Editors’ Picks: 5 Things Not to Miss in Romania’s Art World This Week

A weekly selection of ‘strangely beautiful’ events organized in Romania, collected for you by humans who love unconventional art. This series is meant to be a purely informative one. Cultartes publishers suggest these events based on their choices, as well as your recommendations. “McQueen” at Bucharest Fashion Film Festival Directed […]

În Intimitatea Unui Vis. Interviu cu Oana Stroe (THAÏS & STRÖE)

[:ro] Pe Oana o cunosc de multă, multă vreme, de pe când eram tineri adolescenți, ea mai tânără ca mine, dar nu contează. Încă de pe atunci îmi povestea de visele ei și cam unde spera să ajungă și ce voia să facă și toate astea. Acum Oana este parte […]

Outstanding Photos of Portugal’s Abandoned Places, by Dimitri Bourriau

[:en] France-based photographer and graphic designer Dimitri Bourriau is a “multifaceted self-taught artist” with a passion for urban exploration and mainly abandoned places. Last time we featured on Cultartes his take on Buzludza, the “Bulgarian abandoned Soviet spaceship”, an astonishing photo-series of one of most mysterious architectural structures from Eastern […]

Travis Chantar’s Tribe or a Majestic Collection of Body Painting

[:en] TV’s on. The cat is sleeping. Where am the artist in this equation? Well, after spending my day as lazy as I could, I decided to check my bookmarks to see what I saved lately. So, there it was; Travis Chantar, an artist specialized in photography, as well as […]

Photoptarmosis – Lethargic, Erotic Portraits by Tommaso Costa

[:en] It requires a considerable amount of ambivalence to capture both violence and tenderness in the same vessel. Photoptarmosis is definitely one of these containers. Inquiringly, intriguing portraits and Baroque, Caravaggio-like silhouettes, unexpectedly intertwine with a vanilla gore atmosphere, a gentle approach on shibari and the beautiful art of restraining.  […]