IGORRR, one of the most highly acclaimed experimental metal projects of the moment, enters the ARTmania festival line-up, which will take place between 26 – 28 July in Sibiu, Transylvania.

IGORRR, a project named after the founder Gautier Serre’s gerbil (pet from the small rodent family), arose from Serre’s desire to translate his unconventional and fully dynamic musical vision into sounds and managed to attract the attention of record labels early on, after releasing the first demo “Poisson Soluble” (2006), followed by “Moisissure” in 2008.

Getting stuck in only one emotion is very boring to me; life is a wide range of emotions – sometimes you’re happy, sometimes you’re sad, angry, pissed off, nostalgic, or blown away. Life is not only one color. These 14 tracks from «Spirituality And Distortion» are a journey through different states of mind I’ve been through“, states Serre, the mastermind behind the IGORR project.

Under this alias (IGORRR), which has become synonymous with the fearless experimentation of contemporary genres, Serre manages to combine in an unpredictable, unique, and always exciting way, a variety of disparate musical styles, ranging from black metal to Balkan music sounds, baroque, breakcore, and even trip-hop.

Everywhere in his discography, one can find the imprint of artists who influenced him in his musical development, names like Meshuggah, Chopin, Cannibal Corpse, Bach, Domenico Scarlatti or Aphex Twin. But because Serre was never interested in fitting into a particular style, staying static, or recycling ideas, each IGORRR piece is the result of an explosion of creativity that, despite the significant diversity of one’s work from an album to an album, managed to keep a cohesive universe.

Originally launched as a “one-man show”, IGORRR has become a collective since 2017, thus adding a new level of intensity and overflowing energy to live performances.

Also in 2017, with the release of “Savage Sinusoid”, IGORRR established itself as a truly unique musical force, 2020’s “Spirituality And Distortion” cemented this already well-established reputation, which fans can soon experience in full live, on 26th July, at ARTmania Festival, in the Large Square of Sibiu.

Festival passes and day tickets for ARTmania Festival 2024: the last passes and day tickets are available at the official website of the festival and iabilet.ro.

Cover photo w/ IGORRR by (c) Ronny Ballstädt