Indie pop singer-songwriter Cha Wilde has recently released her latest album, “Love & Freedom.” If you’ve read our review on “Wilde & Browne,” an album Wilde made with her partner, Davey Browne, and enjoyed delving into, you are well advised to listen to this eight-track album, too.

Cha asks herself, “Do my dreams align with the dreams of my lovers? How quickly can I fall in love? Do I have the courage to let go of everything and trust the mysterious universe? If I travel out, will I come home to love? If I explore this Earth freely, where will I find love? Is the love I desire actually within me already? Does falling in love set me free? Won’t somebody love me the way I want to be loved?

And these are all love songs about real life, its joy and awe, longing, and ultimately about freedom. Cha Wilde has been writing and producing music for many years, and there is an apparent ease and quality to the writing on “Love & Freedom” that reflects that. From a songwriting perspective, the album feels like a continuation of work she commenced on “Wilde & Browne,” but here is something that lends a rich warmth, giving the record a very specific identity. Wilde’s new release is a masterful collection of poetic, hook-laden, and highly personal songs.

Love & Freedom” lift the listener out of moments of loneliness, almost like making any pain bearable and providing the means to keep going in spite of experience. And it’s goddamn excellent music. Opener ‘Dreams‘ comes in on a wave of playful electronic tunes and twinkling chords. There is an ecstatic feeling to its rhythms, and it’s a wonderful opener. Follow-up ‘Sweet Words‘ starts with an acoustic feel before opening up with a hypnotic yet lovely tune that makes the song an emotional winner.

Another great tune with an incredibly compelling message is ‘Free Fall Into Darkness,’ conveying a rather raw sound and pushing Wilde further into freedom and love. ‘Rose Gold‘ is incredibly delicious, showing how stunning Wilde’s vocals genuinely are. It’s a modern and retro tract simultaneously, diving deep lyrically and Cha’s distinctive voice typing it all together.

Water Heal My Body‘ and ‘Long Road Home‘ shake things up a little, with country and Americana sounds at times. They are another marker of how skilfully the album has been put together, adding enough variety but not straying too far from its indelible sound. ‘Cutting Edge‘ and ‘Young Part of Me‘ have honest and affecting lyrics, and would you believe it – yet another corking tune that looks at how we connect with our core values. Cha Wilde has a poet’s eye for lyrics, story-telling, and a redoubtable musical style, making “Love & Freedom” special. The album is a moving and honest look at love and more than succeeds to all that it aspires. Ultimately, Cha Wilde is an artist everyone must find and treasure.

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