For as long as we have opened our eyes and have looked up at the starry skies, the incredible and spellbinding sight of the Milky Way reminded us that we share a heritage of the night sky. High overhead, our galaxy twists into a whirling pinwheel, its sparkling stars and dark, dense clouds weaving spirals on the sky.

The Milky Way is everywhere we look; that’s why, regardless of where we live on the planet, we get a sense of the connection between the Earth and the Universe. So starting September 4, get set to celebrate our home galaxy at Galactic Tick Festival in Timisoara.

What Does Galactic Tick Day Mean?

Earth and the rest of the Solar System travel around the galactic center of the Milky Way Galaxy every 225 million Earth years. One centi-arcsecond of this revolution is called a ‘Galactic Tick,’ and happens every 633.7 days or 1.7361 years. Galactic Tick Day is set aside to acknowledge the Sun’s motion, and our progress around the home galaxy, and to celebrate humanity’s knowledge of this motion.

Simply put, Galactic Tick Day is an awareness and education day that celebrates the motion of the planets’ journey around the Milky Way. Not just Earth, but the solar system is ticking its way around the galaxy. Galactic Tick Day was created by David Sneider, a California-based amateur astronomer, and entrepreneur, hoping that comprehending and celebrating these celestial motions will bring people around the globe together.

What Happens at Galactic Tick Festival?

The first Galactic Tick Day was one Galactic Tick (1.7361 years) after Hans Lippershey filed the patent for the first telescope on October 2nd, 1608. The 239th Galactic Tick Day is later this year on September 9th, 2023.

Based on this holiday, Galactic Tick Festival can be referred to as a cosmic celebration where the organizers, artists, and participants will look at our Milky Way through contemporary art, cultural stories, music, or workshops. From an electronic music concert to exhibitions, flashmobs, sensory theatre, face painting, dance, or sugar modeling workshops, there will be no less than 12 different cultural events. So mark your calendar and join Galatic Tick Festival from September 4 to 10.

Galactic Tick Festival is part of the National Cultural Programme Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in 2023 and is financed by the LoB2023+ Programme, run by the Culture and Art Center of Timiș County, with amounts allocated from the state budget, through the Ministry of Culture.

Full daily schedule here

Event by Act Negura
Artworks by Daniel Dorobanțu

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