Object As Metaphor: ‘Refused,’ a Conceptual Exhibition by Marc T.

The moment you step into ‘Refused,’ a must-see photography exhibition by Belgian renowned photographer Marc T’Syen, expect a thrill for your senses. The exhibition is showing at Noeveren Boom, Belgium, and represents a body of work that is as conceptually rigorous as it is stylistically diverse. Marc T. is an […]

Sacred Modernity: These Churches Are Unlike Anything You Have Seen Before

Growing up in the UK, photographer Jamie McGregor Smith was familiar with traditional churches and their historic architecture. After moving to Vienna, Austria in 2018, he observed cathedrals and churches across Europe constructed in a 20th-century brutalist style. Intrigued, McGregor planned a series of train journeys across Europe to find […]

Inside The Intricate World of CULTATUM’s Graphic Design

With graphic design spanning so many different art forms, finding inspiration can therefore come from many places. For the Romanian designer cultatum, it comes from pop culture. His avant-garde work moves swiftly between experimental, media theory, and visual storytelling. This makes sense when seeing how full of production and drama […]

Adrian Luican’s Exclusive Series Gently Leads You Through a World of Emotion

Bucharest-based photographer Adrian Luican has shared with CVLTARTES his latest series “Timeless Memories,” a collection of sensual and inspiring photographs seeking “to explore the enduring essence of a fleeting moment.” For the Romanian artist, photography allows him the most fully truthful expression of his vision, sharing a powerful and evocative […]

Introducing RAW FLOW, The Polish Jewelry Designer Who Breaks All The Rules

RAW FLOW is an independent jewelry label founded in Poland by Marianna Klimaszka. As a result of her experiences studying jewelry school and studying sculpture, the artist is now able to create bold, contemporary pieces that are based on the concept of “entropy, transformation, morphing, and breaking the rules.” From […]

Romanian Fairytale Harap-Alb Is Brought To Life Through Fashion

Harap-Alb is an iconic Romanian fairytale that has captivated generations focusing on the journey of a heroic prince. Overcoming insurmountable challenges, and with the help of several allegorical characters, the prince proves his worth and reclaims his rightful throne. The story beautifully encapsulates themes of identity, bravery, and friendship. The […]

Demi A. Gets the Spotlight in NSFW Series by Belgian Photographer Marc T.

Belgian photographer Marc T. recognizes beauty when he sees it. Tattoos are the focus of the artist’s latest series, ‘Fleshing Words‘. While the cultural taboo against inked-up women is still strong, he wants his subjects to come out powerfully and share their stories. If you love this series, then you’ll […]

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