Music has long been a passion for Swedish country rock/pop band Portraits & Tales, and since their first release, they have worked intensely and released several tracks. ‘What If I Was’ however, is dedicated to their children, and is a stunningly crafted country track with all the makings of a classic. From a songwriting perspective, the single feels like a continuation of work they commenced on “Suddenly,” but here is something that lends a rich warmth, giving the record a very specific identity.

Listening to this song, it is impossible not to think of David Gilmour‘s influence, and what an honest and beautiful monologue it is. The band’s performance exudes such calm confidence, making you feel at home. The songwriting and musicality of this song demonstrate a great deal of wisdom in the analysis of parent-child relationships.

Moreover, skillful instrumentation and impressive vocals take center stage, delivering a warm musical experience that complements the heartfelt lyrics. With the beautiful melody underpinning this beautiful single, the sublime vocals take the lead once again after an uplifting guitar solo. The beautiful vocals shine through the country-laden rock to create a track of meaning that showcases a band with a true identity.

The urge to express my love for my children has grown stronger the older I get, but also because of how the situation around the world looks today. I think that we really should take every moment we have to tell our kids how much we love them and appreciate them before it´s too late,” says Alvaro.

The guitars, choruses, and arrangements are ideally combined to create a memorable musical experience. The track “What If I Was” is one to welcome into your life with open arms, full of warm and joyful music that often seems to end too soon and leaves the listener longing for more.

This once again demonstrates the band’s musical prowess but also speaks to their ability to capture universal themes and emotions through their artistry. A reassuring and comforting gift to the world, bringing hope in times of uncertainty. Exactly what we need.

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