DAMN, DAMN! What a time to have access to music, with Twenty One Pilots releasing a new track and announcing a new album (I’ve been screaming for a week now), Alien Ant Farm finally showing us what they’re capable of with ‘Fade‘, Alcest delivering exceptional blackgaze catharsis on ‘L’Envol,’ Knocked Loose impressing yet once again with an explosive song ‘Blinding Faith‘, While She Sleeps‘To The Flowers‘ getting us almost to tears with their so incredibly directed video and heartfelt lyrics, and Slaughter to Prevail‘s melting-your-face-off with their majestic breakdowns in new single ‘Conflict.’

Not to mention P.O.D.‘s amazing comeback, Born of Osiris‘ ‘A Short Mind Circuiting’ powerful release, Thornhill‘s ‘Obsession‘ beggin’ for repeat listens, and some sweet recent discoveries such as SWARM6IX or Thrown. And don’t get me started on ††† (Crosses)Big Youth‘ or unpeople, please!

But back to Romanian land! Cool stuff happens here too. Since it is too late for us to discuss Macarena, our next stop is Neon Prophecies. Just as the title suggests, their latest track ‘Attrition‘ got me good. I may have been drawn to it because it reminded me of Anaal Nathrakh, but you know what, that is a big plus. The track is surprisingly melodic and atmospheric and probably the coolest Neon Prophecies has ever been.

Attrition‘ is the first song in a series of three, and they will be found on the EP “The Pale Hollow And Its Thousand Sorrows“, which will be released soon. With its desperate-sounding vocals and eerie instrumentals, the single serves as a compelling listen. It is a delight to listen to, and I found myself yearning for it in my daily tasks despite a large number of releases in my email.

This single checks off all the boxes for a repeat listen, brutal yet melodic riffing, furious drumming, solid vocals, and aural chaos. From the many haunting feelings and the aggressive wall of sound, the Bucharest-based band is an inexhaustible source of energy. They show us despair, anger, and loneliness, and ultimately, an absolutely solid and satisfying piece of music.

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Cover photo: Rares Matei Florea

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