Day: March 1, 2024

Join the Fremen w/ These New ‘Dune: Part Two’-Inspired Watches

While you might not be traveling through the unforgiving sands of Arrakis, you do need to know the time. With Hamilton Watch’s new Dune: Part Two-inspired wristwatches, you can check the time and feel like you’re part of the Fremen.    Hamilton had worked closely with Doug Harlocker, Dune: Part Two’s Prop […]

NEON PROPHECIES’ Latest Single Hits The G Spot in My Ears

DAMN, DAMN! What a time to have access to music, with Twenty One Pilots releasing a new track and announcing a new album (I’ve been screaming for a week now), Alien Ant Farm finally showing us what they’re capable of with ‘Fade‘, Alcest delivering exceptional blackgaze catharsis on ‘L’Envol,’ Knocked […]

BERLIN DIVISION Impresses W/ Sensational Electro, Synthwave Track ‘Hope’

Anyone with even a passing interest in electro/synth-wave music should listen to Berlin Division‘s latest single ‘Hope.’ In such a vast genre that appears awash with great talent, however, few artists change the game, and this band is a prolific game changer. Hailing from Timisoara, it’s no wonder the talent […]

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