Anyone with even a passing interest in electro/synth-wave music should listen to Berlin Division‘s latest single ‘Hope.’ In such a vast genre that appears awash with great talent, however, few artists change the game, and this band is a prolific game changer.

Hailing from Timisoara, it’s no wonder the talent is top-notch, as those people have a knack for music. ‘Hope‘ is a track that takes you on a journey to the edge of something both amazing and haunting, while somehow managing to be both experimental and elegant at the same time. It’s a song that’s easy to fall in love with, yet complex enough to reward you with something new with every listen.

Washed-out synth stabs punctuate the start of the track, before giving way to a trademark electro beat and infectious vocals that carry the track forward. A pleasant surprise is a depth that is revealed in Paros’ vocals, bringing a whole new dimension to his music. The pulsating electronic beat and the glitched lyrics immediately draw you in, encouraging you to embrace uncertainty and find hope in the unknown.

‘Hope’ is the best song I’ve made so far, in every way. I still think it sounds good after listening to it so many times, which doesn’t happen very often.

I also got help from colleagues at The Case on certain parts and I think it helped a lot with the whole creative process. It is challenging to create a head-to-tail piece on your own because, at some point, you get stuck, and then feedback from outside becomes very important. My opinion is that the lyrics of this song clearly convey the message of the song.

Cristian Paros

Berlin Division has crafted a track that defies easy classification, exploring various musical styles, existential themes, and emotions. Finally, ‘Hope‘ is an exhilarating musical journey showcasing Cristian Paros’ growth as an artist, where he blends electronic experimentation, synth-wave influences, and vocals into a captivating whole. The artist has truly delivered something special here, and it’s a must-listen for anyone seeking music that inspires and delights.

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