I’m always looking forward to seeing music video releases, since they can introduce us into the artists creative world, unveil a new aesthetic or offer a short story. But not often do we have the chance to be in a perfect phase, feeling from the very first moment that it’s going to be a hell of an experience.

Screen from Video

Here is an almost five-minute glimpse into the organized chaos of the Cluj based band Zimbru. The disco-punk, dream pop project has finally released the long awaited video for “Divination”, and it was well worth the wait. I can’t figure it out why their newest music video is so mesmerizing, there is really nothing incredibly complicated about it, but it kind of lullaby me into submission. Until the second part of the video I lived with the impression that the Romanian band brought together Lana del Rey with David Lynch. But after listening their lyrics poetry on repeat for half an hour and watching the music video’s ending with my brains set on dream-mode, I came to the conclusion that the video is obviously more than that.

Zimbru is to me a synonim of beauty, their music is intimate, minimalist and creates a gloomy, ambient atmosphere where all is focused around dreamy, at time angelic vocals. Their sound can be described as “a wild mix of raspy synthesizers, angular guitar riffs and lively percussion“. As a listener you can set of on a journey of wonder, of cinematic proportions; some scenes are better than others, but you can remark the effort, the talent and the energy through the entire song.

Directed by Irina Alexiu
DoP: Radu Voinea
Editor: Filip Airinei
Grading: Lucian Iordan
Production Design & MUA: Paula Hulpoi
Producers: Sorin Baican & Dan Mateescu
Executive Producer: Adrian Smarandache
Production Coordinator: Andreas Mircea

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