Kitty Rea is an artist, bondage performer and sex educator. She creates innovative works in the field of performing shibari meaning “decoratively tie”, or kinbaku, translating to “tight binding”, and it is an artistic form of bondage and BDSM deeply invested in the history and culture of Japan.

Shibari appeared as a sexualised form of Japanese punishment and of a method of capturing prisoners. About 100 years ago it started being used in erotic practices. I believe it is art just as any other form of movement that presents the body in it’s most vulnerable, extreme and beautiful representations. Just as ballet and modern dance show us the human shape in grace and ability, so does shibari present it as pain and ecstasy. I believe that art is something that has the ability to stir emotions in others, that speaks to people evoking an image, a feeling, a reaction. It would be hard to see a bondage performance and be left unmoved in any way.

The event is a night of performance that aims to present the female body in various stances, as depictions of power, vulnerability, sensuality or as constructs envisioned by another. You will see pain, pleasure, shapes, nudity, and experience the human emotion in yourself and reflected in others. For me, personally, it is important to eliminate the shame around the human body and sexuality. I would like people to view all human experiences as valuable, beautiful and acceptable. I think it is essential that people gain the freedom to explore their own bodies, to explore the corporeality of others and to welcome various practices into their lives. The exculpation of human emotion is paramount to the message I hope to convey.“, Kitty Rea explained to us.

Photo: Pyrrhus Roi D’Épire

When asked about how she and Billie Rose first thought about creating this event Kitty said: “Billie Rose realised that we had never had an event of shibari fully open to the general public. We have been part of performance nights that were invitation based or focused towards the people in the kink community. We wish to open the intimacy and feelings that shibari conveys to everybody. We want people to be exposed to the body as the body is exposed to them.

Photo: Pyrrhus Roi D’Épire

Your hosts: Billie Rose & Kitty Rea
Macaz – Bar Teatru Coop, June 9

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