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Romanian Pop, Rock Artist Jean Gavril Returns with New Video for ‘Nevinovat’

Romanian pop, rock artist Jean Gavril returns with his latest music video for ‘Nevinovat‘, a personal story inspired by his relationship and marriage. Currently, focusing on his pop career, Jean don’t fail to present in front of his audience, a soft, intimate song, that makes you wonder about love’s ups […]

Watch ‘Divination’, the New Trippy Music Video of Zimbru

I’m always looking forward to seeing music video releases, since they can introduce us into the artists creative world, unveil a new aesthetic or offer a short story. But not often do we have the chance to be in a perfect phase, feeling from the very first moment that it’s […]

Breathelast Releases Music Video for “The Bridge”

With so much music coming out every week, it’s difficult to keep track on everything that’s new. Not to mention it’s actually hard to put your exact feelings into words and conveying what you think. One might say that the first audition it’s actually the one that counts the most. […]

Lucia’s Newest Song “FRTHR” Brings Out a Sense of Melancholy

[:en] Lucia, or by her full name, Lucia Maria Popescu is a Romanian singer who recently released a new song titled FRTHR. Her long-awaited return has come with a great impact on public, whilst she sounds more confident and ambitious as well. This happens to be such a challenging and […]