Eliot Michl is an American poet and visual artist born and raised in Northern Missouri, with a keen passion for epistolary communication.

But more than anything, she is a traveler who filters her real-life experiences through the complex, yet so near at hand funnel of poetry and film. A habit that might look narcissistic at first, but once you go with it, it uncovers a smooth, soul-soothing process that almost comes naturally. Eliot traveled to countries such as Romania, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Belgium and Thailand in a countinuos pursuit of self-discovery. This is how her first poetry film, Don’t Tell Me I’m Beautiful, a flashback of her personal life, was released in 2017. Other retrospective films followed since, to name a few: About Last Night, Homesickness or Iris, all published in 2018.

Wherever Eliot spends a bit of time, it’s more than enough to find her inspiration, translate it to words, recite the result and overlay it on a beautiful sequence of images. As a result, while others might struggle to express their feelings at all, Eliot makes up for it, doing it in two different ways at once.

“How do you know you’re a lucky girl?”, she once asked herself in Sunset in Brasov. And then she answers: “When you’ve been caught on film smiling!”.

Find more of her works on her website or Vimeo. You may support Eliot Michl on Patreon or follow her on Facebook.

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Romanian writer based in Cyprus. Co-founder CVLTARTES. Author of "Hailbringer: A Romanian Folktale"