Bedford-based multi-instrumentalist Rob Muir, the artist behind Luna Waves, has released a dreamy pop-rock single titled ‘Half Awake,’ which serves as the lead track off his fourth album “Comedowns.” Luna Waves’ latest song has a lot to take in as every listen seems to reveal new layers of sound that you didn’t hear on the first, second, or even fifth listen.

Rob creates a world for your ears that is so captivating you forget to worry about where you are being taken and whether there is any substance. ‘Half Awake‘ is, by all means, a moody, dreamy soundscape that enters the dark, dream-pop, and shoegaze categories. This song is both atmospheric and cinematic in nature, yet haunting in its use of subdued vocals and instrumentation.

With an almost hypnotic otherworldly atmosphere, Luna Waves crafts an abundance of dreamlike soundscapes, blending classic darkwave instrumentation and an ethereal shoegaze vocal style. Before you know it, you’re surrounded by a sound that slowly lulls you into nostalgia. And so beautifully, it portrays memories rather than feelings, or possibly memories of feelings that no longer exist.

Half Awake‘ continues with catchy guitar riffs, powerful percussion, and bass lines – slightly warped and echoing. The walls of guitars and harmonies deliver a euphoric blast along with the sweet vocals. Drawing inspiration from late-night ruminations, Rob says it’s “about the weird places that the mind can go to when you are unable to sleep and all the memories that drift in and out of your head at 3 am!

It’s a contemporary crafted track, whilst drawing influences from the past glory of alt-rock. It offers a new dimension yet stays true to its origins. It’s multifaceted but not too complex, making it the perfect easy-listening track for your weekend afternoon. Put the kettle on, curl up on the couch, and get immersed in the world of Luna Waves. You won’t be disappointed.

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