Are you the type of person to fantasize about dream-pop vocals with synth instrumentation? Well, I’ll be damned, you’re in the right place! When I say these music submissions have yielded some of my favorite bands, I don’t exaggerate at all. You may have guessed that this review will be heavily biased, so take everything I say with a grain of salt.

Okay, so ‘Petals‘ by Wotts, an Ottawa-based indie duo, is the latest single announcing their upcoming EP. To begin with, the songwriting is outstanding, and some aspects make it so memorable. It is both inspiring and engaging, knowing when to build and when to climax, as well as when to simply let you dance freely. They offer a somewhat emotional focus on the lyrics, exploring the theme of unrequited love and realizing it was never meant to be.

However, as melancholic as the subject matter seems, the single does not descend into despair due to its dreamy rhythms, gloriously vibey melodies, and hypnotic swirling dream pop tones, which result in perfect pop hooks and singalong lyrics that scream out to be your favorite song. And as a listener, you find yourself hanging on every word.

Despite being seemingly rooted in historic indie pop, Wotts maintains a firm grasp on modernity; ‘Petals‘ has all the warm familiarity of nostalgia while still being bracingly fresh. The track begins with strong pulse and lyrics, gently transcending into a frantic dreamlike state just enough to invite you into the world of Wotts. From start to finish, there is a perfect balance between low, mid, and high notes, providing a sense of harmony, and complexity. Also, you will notice generous amounts of reverb and echo effects, which give the vocals a calm, soothing, relaxing, and ethereal quality.

Every beautiful part of the instrumentation comes together in a perfect mix at the conclusion. Neither overwhelming nor scant, it lends an uplifting sense of optimism to the emotion and sparseness of the track. It makes for a track as affecting and relatable as it is beautiful to the ear.

Wotts certainly is the next big thing, with great vocals and instrumentations, and a solid songwriting approach. Unafraid to address the heartbreaking aspects of their lives, the Canadian band has succeeded in crafting a powerful track that deserves full attention while being extremely enjoyable. So, if you’re an indie fan, give this a spin or three hundred – this is definitely up your street. ‘Petals‘ is the kind of song the repeat button was made for, a song to live with. I for one cannot wait to hear how the band continues their story.

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