The Romanian band DOOMPOP has officially cemented their status as a hot, keeping-an-eye-on project with their first track ‘Black Dress‘. The song is an innovative production with passionate writing that makes for a euphoric journey for the listener.

Black Dress‘ starts with both strong beats and guitar riffs, but soon we get details that emerge from nowhere to join the gloomy, post-punk arrangement: the distant warble of the beat and the thick, Peter Steele-like vocals. As a result, something changes. ‘Black Dress‘ increases its tempo so we move from the moody start to the confidence of a more rugged project, turning to powerful desperation.

The song has a depth to it that it seems only DOOMPOP can craft: a masterful, goth voice, awe-inspiring instrumentation, and skilled video editing- these seem to be the building blocks that compose the Romanian band. There is a modern, retro vibe to the song with its electronic dance sound coupled with powerful vocals establishing a refreshing atmosphere.

Music by Doompop

Guitar by Tudor Bradu

Vocals & Lyrics by Costin Dănăilă & Sabina Costinel

Fan video edited by Sabina Costinel

Clips taken from the film “I, Olga Hepnarová” (2016)

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