Yvonne, an emerging artist in the Romanian pop music scene has released a new single titled ‘Should Have Listened,‘ marking yet another milestone in her career. The Timisoara-based musician provides a track that not only showcases her undeniable tale but also delves deep into the complexities that reveal the intriguing tale of a woman who makes her way through the world on the path of dreaming and faces obstacles that make her flight difficult.

This song is a modern ballad that blends the super catchy sound of the pop genre with elements of indie rock and electronica, all carefully framed by a powerful message that speaks of regret born from unfulfilled desires.

Infused with vibrant bubblegum pop melodies and an infectious beat, ‘Should Have Listened‘ exudes an infectious energy that can’t be ignored. The song’s undeniable charm is enhanced by all production elements, from the catchy hooks to the dynamic instrumentation. It creates an immersive sonic experience that leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

Yvonne started studying classical piano at a young age and then took up vocals. For more than three years, she has been composing songs. In December 2021, she released her first record, the “A Million Colors” EP. Since then, she has released several singles, including ‘Happy‘, ‘Don’t Play Me‘, and ‘I Can’t‘, songs that define her style.

Should Have Listened‘ is not only a testament to Yvonne’s artistry but also a reflection of her growth as a musician, as she continues to consolidate her position as a rising star within the Romanian music community. The single’s heartfelt lyrics and irresistible melodies further establish her reputation as an artist to watch in the ever-changing pop music landscape.

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