Plat Asia has designed a contemporary teahouse for a resort in Huzhou, China, inspired by the transience of clouds and surrounded by undulating steel poles.

The Cloud Tea Room is located on a secluded hillside within the tea fields of Xisaishan resort. It is surrounded by a network of poles that periodically release water vapor to provide a fog-like effect. Plat Asia designed this to help blur the boundary between architecture and landscape. Through the floor-to-ceiling glazing surrounding the Cloud Tea Room, visitors can experience the natural environment from all angles.

The base and roof are capped by two rectangular planes, while the whole structure is supported by columns that resemble the poles surrounding it. The poles sit 1.2 meters apart and at varying heights to recreate the formlessness of clouds.

[A] cloud is a temporary natural phenomenon, constantly and circularly varying every day. The steel poles weaken the boundary of space and blur the interiors and exteriors, closely [connecting them] to the surroundings. Fog creates a temporary scene that emerges, constituting a new landscape system.

Plat Asia cofounder Donghyun Jung

Photographs by Yixinjia, Fan Xiaoxu, and Plat Asia.

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