A new version of Brian Eno‘s illuminated record player featuring two eccentric Perspex circles is on display at Paul Stolper Gallery in London.

The Turntable II is similar to its predecessor, released in 2021, and consists of a platter and base made of translucent acrylic, each with LED lights that can be programmed to change color independently. The record player is equipped with thousands of tiny holes drilled into the plastic, which allow light to emanate from the unit, resulting in gradients where the two layers overlap.

Colour and speed of the lights are programmed to change randomly, creating an almost endless array of “colourscapes”.

Several overlapping light cycles will keep producing different colour balances and blends – and different shadow formations that slowly evolve and never exactly repeat. I’ve never ceased to be fascinated by the amazingly intricate, complex and unpredictable results produced by simple deterministic systems. Out of simplicity, complexity arises. That is for me the most incredible idea of evolution theory.

Brian Eno

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