Cristina Venedict‘s work is both elegant and surreal, she first discovered photography in 2006, fascinated by the opportunity to dream and create images. We’ve had the pleasure to interview the Romanian photographer a while ago and I followed her work since then. But it was this week when she totally blown my mind with the MUSO | Dream window series for Z A R U G Autumn Winter 2018 / 2019. She uses masks made by Mihai Dan Zarug instead of models’ faces and I think this really give it a go to this entire series. It’s brilliantly clever. I simply adore the power and confidence these photographs convey and the use of these drawings just let you admire the clothes and the whole dreamy scenery.

I’ve always been fascinated by people; to watch them, to study the features side, to find stories. Everyone is unique, beautiful and unpredictable.

I consider the brand to be intellectual, characterized by avant-garde silhouettes and minimalist details. Mihai Dan ZARUG’ scenic lookbook and the works of Cristina Venedict, man, everything just comes hand in hand.

In the 60’s, Inge Morath, a female photography pioneer, and Saul Steinberg, a beloved American artist of Romanian origin, teamed up for a series of portraits where their friends were captured in their daily lives, their heads replaced by paper masks. I had one of those images as my wallpaper for months. I didn’t think I’d use it as inspiration for my collection, that would imply my showing my drawing, which is realy scary for me. But then what’s life without fighting your fears. And so I did. I painted femininity as I see it in the women who inspire me. So, meet my friends. – Mihai Dan Zarug

All images: (c) Cristina Venedict 

Clothes, concept, styling: Mihai Dan Zarug 

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