Romanian author, photographer and wanderer Ioana Cristina Casapu wants to personally translate in English her nationally awarded debut novel, published last year: “Deviatii de Stereo” (en. Stereo Deviations).

“Stereo Deviations is a colorful, partially ironic analysis of the Facebook generation, and the way it’s life, half lived in offline and half online, transforms dramatically. The crushes, the friendships, the long-night club drinking sessions, the coffee dates and the block & spam break-ups, they all change and turn into this new dimension where, once entered, you get to see and live your life with a an extra advantage or weakness: the Like button” – source.

As self-publishing is a valid, more and more relevant option for young writers these days, bypassing the whole bureaucracy and favoritism of local publishers stuck in the communist era, as a novice day-dreaming author it still costs you big.

You need time, first of all, to write, which you don’t have if you find yourself trapped in a cubicle to make money for a living. And what Ioana needs is time and financial support to fulfill her dream.

“[The money] helps me both support myself as I personally translate the book into English and hire a talented graphic designer to create the cover illustration. I will use the remaining cash to support promoting the edition across all social platforms”, she says.

Both romantic and bold, the initiative has something bohemian in it – same as Ioana’s short-stories on modern love.

Here’s her full statement: “I need to write in order to live; More precisely, to exist. It is both my gift, and my duty, to immerse myself into words, and to move people’s hearts from their ordinary places. It is what gives me the greatest joy, and fulfils my fantasy to become a story told at night in beds around the world, as Rob Mapplethorpe once said. I can help people with my writing, and make sense of the world through emotion”.

“Writers should avoid killing themselves before they’d said what they had to say”, she told Cultartes Mag in an interview.

Anyone can donate, and it’s something worth investing in. She’ll be working on her book, while you can buy her a coffee, pay for her dinner or for books. In exchange, Ioana would frequently send you the newly translated chapters or offer coaching on your own projects.

You can be part of her dream on Patreon.

Photo credits: Ioana Cristina Casapu. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and her Website.

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Romanian writer based in Cyprus. Co-founder CVLTARTES. Author of "Hailbringer: A Romanian Folktale"