Bad Galaxy, the latest album of New-York-based musician Alexis Pastuhov, is a soft, mind-clearing set of 10 tracks written and performed with only one apparent purpose in mind – to detoxify your spirit. After a first listen, the experimental, alternative album, gave me a good, optimistic vibe, suitable for a spring morning.

Starting easy with a series of cheesy-themed, almost teenager-oriented tracks (Prosperous Sun, Hallways), the garage synth really kicks in with the 7th song – Howling Jaws, a gorgeously rhythmic tune, perfect to lift you up and shake your booty. Or to turn you into a comic-book character who runs through different dimensions looking for your soul-mate. It goes something like “Go back  / Somewhere at the bottom remember that / So sad, so simple, so sweet, so / Same shit still weighing on my mind”.

The mood continues with Yes, Queen and ends with Bad Thoughts, which is, opposed to what it might sound like, a melodic series of advices on how not to lose your shit.

Sweet and comfortable, Bad Galaxy is a overall a collection of meaningful lyricism and greatly performed acoustics. According to the artist himself, everything is a perpetual try out to self-discovery and reinvention. Compared with the Brooklyn-based musician previous EP’s, Pastuhov’s new release is exactly what you’d like to play after breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend. A moving-on set of instructions, if you will. Listen the album here.

Photo: Bad Galaxy / Alexis Pastuhov

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