Romanian post-rock, experimental band Poetrip went topless on stage this week, while performing at their last concert in Control Club (Bucharest). Oana Maria, the band’s lead-singer, a pro-nudity activist as well as a known feminist says the gesture is a way of promoting equality between sexes.  

After a picture of the show was reported on Facebook and taken down, she re-posted an edited version of it with a spicy comment on the side.

“Because nudity seems so natural to me, I’ve posted almost instinctively this picture shot at the Poetrip’s Tuesday’s show, and the report came soon after”, she states on her Facebook profile. “Until that day will come when woman’s chest will be equal with the man’s, I had to censor Anda’s beautiful knives which blinded the poor prudes”.

As always, we don’t give a fuck about reports or prude opinions, so here is the uncensored pic in all it’s splendor, as it’s supposed to be.

“There you go, a clean, decent pic, without them lethal weapons called boobs or nipples that would certainly destroy our innocent society!”, she ironically says.

Photo: Luminita Stoica[:]

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