The grounds of Rock la Mureș in Romania have once again become a heaven for all rock enthusiasts. As I walked up to the entrance, I was greeted by overcast skies and a cool breeze. And you should know that no rain in the forecast is always a good omen.

From the 7h of July till the 8th, the beautiful area of Periam Port vibrated with explosive energy as more than 3k punk, metalcore, and rock lovers flocked to witness the amazing performances of Attila, Unity-Tx, Total Chaos, Silenzer, and Watch Me Rise. That way, Rock la Mureș has cemented its reputation as a must-attend event for music lovers of all ages.

More than that, the festival organizers have curated such a great lineup, catering to the diverse tastes of rock, punk, and metal. Day one started in fierce, with motivation, maybe anticipation, loud singing, and daring crowd surfers.

Doomsday Astronaut, W3 4R3 NUM83R5, Unity-Tx, and Attila delivered energetic performances, thrilling the audience by blending metalcore and rap. Nostalgic feelings for both older fans and millennials delivered the iconic punk band Total Chaos.

There were some delays, but none of that mattered. When you have explosive shows like the ones of Watch Me Rise and Silenzer in your arsenal, nothing can shake you easily. Bursting with energy, sometimes faster than on record, Silenzer and Watch Me Rise plowed through their most amazing tracks, such as ‘Daemon’ and ‘Niemandsland’, respectively, ‘Addict’ and ‘All my friends are sad.’ So, yeah, whoever booked those two as a combo should be congratulated as their unique styles complemented each other extremely well.

As an audience member, it is hard to imagine just how much work goes into putting such an event together and how tirelessly the people behind the scenes are working to make it all go smoothly. Soundchecks go on all day, people get fed in the belly with the great food diversity (shockingly cheap, too!) musicians sit and rehearse together, take photos and tech staff fine-tune every performance.

I was super impressed how absolutely everyone on and off stage worked together with so much respect for each other while also having a lot of fun. Also top marks for whatever company ran the portable toilets, I gotta say that they did an amazing job keeping them clean all day, something that is often neglected at large festivals. 

Rock la Mureș had a really relaxed vibe to it and I met lots of friendly people of all ages. I liked how beautifully the festival suited everyone from groups of youngsters out with their friends to families with babies sitting around on the grass to real rock music fans dancing in the front. It seemed to really bring the whole community together. 

Whether it was the music, the drinks, the fun yet dedicated staff, or just the overall vibe of being at an outdoor music festival, the atmosphere throughout the two days was nothing short of amazing. One thing’s for sure, it was incredibly fun and I can’t wait to experience it again.

Article photos: (c) Lucian Oprea
Cover photo: (c) ten2cusapa

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