The Romanian traditional costume finds its roots in the part of Dacian ancestors and resembles with that of the peoples of the Balkan Peninsula, with differences consisting of decorative and colorful details. Nowadays the clothing is reserved for special occasions, holidays or traditional dances and music and, the style is also different for the various historical regions. It has recently been in the spotlight after Dior copied Bihor traditional clothing and sold it for 30k euros and sadly the company never credited the Romanian community for inspiring them. However, Roma fashion is quite different from the Romanian one.

Roma is the Romani word used to refer to Gypsies and their clothing reflects their religion, customs, and ethics. Gypsy women are recognized by their unique dresses. The traditional Roma costume is a long colorfully pleated skirt that uses several yards of material. These skirts are generally of bright colors. As for men, there is really no characteristic clothing, they tend towards vest with loose fitting poet shirts in bright colors.

Straddling the line between fashion and portraiture, Cluj-based artist Dan Moga creates images that spell out new perspective on beauty and traditional gypsie clothing. Teaming up with fashion stylist Madalina Preda, they reveal “Transylvanian Roma Soul“, their latest editorial. The story behind it is related to an unfulfilled love story in which the girl is waiting for her man, suspecting that he might never come back. The duo’s scenario is defined by diversity and creativity, capturing not only the physical beauty of their subjects or clothing, but their story and personalities.

Codruta is wearing a Irina Marinescu custom-made blazer and some simple fabrics and scarves that I combined to make them look like ready-to-wear outfits. – Madalina Preda

Dan Moga told Cultartes: “My passion for outdoor shooting comes from my human connection with nature, I don’t think we can live without this close connection with nature and countryside, these elements that live within us. Moreover, the editorial above the story itself reflects a sincere attitude of whom I am as a person and what I build every day.

Model: Codruta Corocea

Styling: Madalina Preda

Photos: Marius Dan Moga

Hair: Sebastian Sarghie

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