‘Dragon’ is the newest release by the Timișoara-based project Ioan Popovici. Ioan, an on-the-rise pop/rock vocalist, has started to gain some well-deserved exposure with his latest releases ‘Element Star,’ and ‘Voyager.’ He displays serious musicianship on all tracks, the latter ‘Dragon’ a wonderfully sung and arranged cut that highlights Popovici’s higher register and strong lyricism.

Ioan and his team are quickly growing a passionate audience, always bringing fans behind the curtain on Instagram or Facebook. The project gives an intimate look into both the creation process whenever they have the chance, in which they show their capability to play, arrange, and produce music. 

But let’s talk about ‘Dragon’. For starters, the song takes its name from Elon Musk’s Dragon spacecraft, which sends humans and cargo to space. But more than that, ‘Dragon’ is a joyful song about rebuilding confidence and following your dreams; it’s a strong and moving track that will reveal and reward more on repeated plays. In fact, there is an energy to this song that is both infectious and beguiling. 

And while the production may seem simple, it allows Popovici’s voice to be the standout feature. Interestingly, Ioan Popovici has crafted such positive words and phrases around a classic sound that can reawaken a listener’s own suppressed feelings and memories. 

Overall, ‘Dragon’ is a track worth sitting down and listening to carefully, giving it the time to find the optimism and charm that it has in spades.

‘Dragon’ credits:

Music & lyrics: Ioan Popovici
Drums: Alin Costache
Bass: Dan Oros
Video: Razvan Riscuta
Color edit: Petru Belibou
Mix & master: Lukinich Attila

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