BERLIN DIVISION is about to become your new obsession!
Founded in 2022 in Timisoara, Romania, BERLIN DIVISION is an electronic music project that combines vintage synthpop and darkwave elements with modern techno rhythms.

The band comprises Cristian Paros (synths, electronics, and voice) and Alfred Paros (live sessions), seeking to envelop the touchy, slightly melancholic message in the most rhythmic and melodic ways possible. While vocals are less common in electronic music nowadays, they are perfectly incorporated into the atmosphere generated by the instrumental, ensuring to make an impact from the very beginning due to the catchy tonality and melodic lyricism.

By incorporating ambient space inserts, these compositions take on a new dimension that places them far remote from the terrestrial world, thus amplifying the sense of traveling through sound. Their music takes you through creative universes reminiscent of Jean Michel Jarre, Erasure, Eurythmics, New Order, and Mouse on Mars. 

Today marks a special day for BERLIN DIVISION. Having had to sit with these and many other songs for a little over a year now, the time has come to finally release some of them to the world. So, we are pleased to announce the premiere of BERLIN DIVISION’s Live at Home Set.

At a first listen, it may look like the Paros brothers write music for lonely souls, and that’s because the band’s musical energy is all about solitude and longing reflected in dreamy and airy soundscapes. Fittingly, this live set evokes feelings of nostalgia and wistfulness, the songs (because they’re two) play with Paros’s signature echoey vocals, keyboards, and subtly building synths that feel like they’re surrounding you from all sides.

The live set is dancey but in a completely different way than you would expect, taking the indie-pop route. It uses keyboards, and synths to give the song an overall groovy feel you truly don’t get at many bands.

BERLIN DIVISION already works on new music but is taking the time to celebrate this live release. So far, everything’s coming up roses for the band, navigating the music industry with natural zen they can’t help but have. The band already performed at Radio Guerrilla, Faber, and launmomentdat, so make sure to stay close.

Music and Lyrics: Berlin Division
Mix and master: Bele Mihai
Camera: Alfred Paros
Edit: Cristian Paros

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