The Good The Bad and The Zugly have become somewhat of a cult band over the past years while winning the Norwegian Grammy award and playing live on national TV. Set to release their sixth album titled ”Research and Destroy” on April 8th via Fysisk Format.

Not wasting any time with drawn-out introductions, The Good The Bad and The Zugly goes straight into what makes punk rock music great. Starting the album with ‘What’s My Rage Again?‘, the band sets the album’s tone by simply hitting you in the face. The combination of heavy riffs, catchy rhythms, and tongue-in-cheek lyrics takes you through endless emotions while urging you to get up and scream as loud as possible.

The Good The Bad and The Zugly is a powerhouse. Hailing from the drug economy in Oslo, the band knows the social reality of our time better than most class divisions. 

While the lyrics are a blissful mix of internal jokes and scorching social criticism, sonically, the verses are just what we ordered: punk with plenty of aggression and vigor. In about 30 minutes, you’ll get that crust punk inspiration, but once the lyrics hit, you will feel uplifting and inspiring. ‘Nostradumbass,’ ‘Diet,’ and ‘The Power of Beer‘ have straightforward messages, making you think for yourself and defy what is wrong. ‘One Dimensional Man‘ and ‘The Original Incel‘ each are stand-alone singles, being glorious with their aggressive guitar lines. The album ends with ‘Here Comes the Waterworks,’ which ignites a colorful intensity of strength and sound.  

Keeping the same recipe, this troop of fellas is definitely the dose of punk you need right now. In a nutshell, “Research and Destroy” conveys the band’s ability to take these powerful and angry thoughts and present them in the sincerest way possible. The album is distinctive, and it will hit you in the feels.

Produced by Anders Nordengen (Vreid, Wolves Like Us), the band’s sixth album has renewed my faith in the next generation of punk rock musicians. Heed my warning, “Research and Destroy” is a tour-de-force that requires your total focus.

“Behold!’ Tis is the age of online rage, inceldom and riding electric scooters harakiri-style.’ Tis is the age of Nostradumbass, cancel culture, and revenge porn. Of late, GBZ has concluded that the world finally seems to be catching up to its crippled ways of life. Petty revenge tactics have always been among the strongest pieces of ammunition in the GBZ armory, in the war against brilleslanger, bloggers, and the unspeakable heresy of those walking barefoot in public. BUT NO MORE!

Ruining people’s lives for fun seems to be the sign of the times, and the rapidly middle-aging Norwegians can finally say they are riding the zeitgeist, albeit more and more like a neutered racehorse towards its last sunset. But at this very moment in time, however finite it might be, the world and GBZ are finally synced: digging up shit on the internet and throwing it in people’s faces have replaced boring civilized dinner-table conversation as the modus operandi of a whole generation. So let us all open our browsers, clear our schedules and wreak havoc from behind the divine sanctity of our keyboards. Welcome to the age of Research and Destroy!”

Ivar Nikolaisen – Vocals 
Eirik Melstrøm – Guitar
Kim Skaug – Guitar
Lars Kristian Gulbrandsen – Bass
Magne Vannebo – Drums

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