I’ve recently received this album and I must reckon its name doesn’t say much, but I do like this extravagant name. Sons of Alpha Centauri is a space rock/post-metal with progressive influences from Swale/Kent, UK. One must say the greatest rock bands are from the UK. These boys have appeared on this scene somewhere in the summer of 2001, and they’ve released their first material in 2007 under Sound Devastation Records. They’ve released other materials as well, yet the distance between them seem quite long and make us consider they are not so involved in this project as they should. But that remains to be seen.

Continuum” is a material produced and mixed by Aaron Harris (ISIS/Palms) and mastered by John McBain (Monster Magnet/ Wellwater Conspiracy). I sadly noticed that many bands links their album with the ones that master or produce, as though they wrote it or the like, just to get some extra attention. Indeed, we’re talking about professionals, and they sure helped on forming different ideas. Anyway, let’s get back to music.
Even if  the band has a significant experience, their music is a bit squeaky. In what way? First thing off, the music is too linear, yet there are some forced rhythm changes. The riffs, though heavy in places, they are very similar and worn. We’ll find many influences and overall it’s an eye-catching album.

Continuum Front Cover

Maybe it’s just me, but it’s more than technique I’m waiting for; it’s the feeling, the band’s soul. It’s obvious that behind this project there are some people who know some good stuff about instruments, they have musical culture and all that, but I’m keen to see something innovative and trembling. The point is, if you write romantic poetry nowadays, with rhythm and classical verse, it may seem just about right for a specific audience. Not a great connoisseur myself, but I’d like to see something unconventional, unusual.

“Continuum” catches you, but is no different from the rest of rock scene. There’s flap as well and quite a lot; I like how it sounds on “Orbiting Jupiter”, it seems like a reinterpretation of a classical composition. “Solar Storm” is more complex, more worked on; that’s pretty much the deal with “Continuum”, while enjoying it, you feel there’s something missing.

Album is out June 1 via H42 Records and Cobraside Distribution

Sons of Alpha Centauri, are:
Marlon King – Guitars
Nick Hannon – Bass
Stevie B. – Drums
Blake – Textures