About fifteen years ago, Inez started her musical solo pathway; now, she has proudly found her unique essence plaining into her “zone” into the INEZONA

INEZONA is now premiering her newest single ‘A Self-Portrait‘ taken from the album with the same name. The video and album were recorded and produced by herself in a complete DIY way during the first lockdown in 2020.

2020 has offered a lot to Inez: various trips, musical exchanges, and wandering minds. After her Artist Residency in Colombia was canceled due to the global pandemic, Inez has intentionally got stuck in Southern Germany, not far from the Swiss borders. Here she was able to find ease and incredible creative freedom. INEZONA invites her listeners to her slightly melancholic mystic folk-rock, delivered by her enchanting vocals while consolidating the lycanthropic touch painted by dreamy melodies.

When she started to create music, she was surrounded by banjo-ukulele, electric and acoustic guitar, microphone, and kitchenware that served as percussion instruments. It was April to May 2020 when she packed ten dreamy spherical instrumental tracks that originated for “A Self-Portrait“.

A Self-Portrait” is a philosophical album with a strong duality between worlds. INEZONA deals with the extreme range of emotions the human existence has to offer, but the music equally embraces nature and its force, be it dark or light. Finally, she brings serenity to the chaos by feeding the thoughts about life.

Following creative impulses is a skill that INEZONA (Ines Brodbeck) has mastered. As a result, INEZONA’s music and videos reflect wondrous-playful, bizarre, and poetic-deep landscapes of life. – Seraina Duveen

The psychedelic rock and mystic folk-pop nuances are at their strongest, bringing a colorful yet nostalgic buzz. The sweet harmonies take us via the werewolf transformation back to the folk and rock music of the early 70s. So, we dare say that INEZONA is an oasis in the desert. ‘A Self-Portrait‘ is a cinematic beauty, combining sounds with pictures of engrossed, even almost surrealistic slowness and elegance. And ever and anon, the enchantingly lost in reverie voice of Inez was beyond everything.

The album was single-handedly recorded and mixed by INEZONA, presenting the music of cinematic power while abducting into the eternalness and nonchalantly drawing one under her spell.

Cover of the upcoming album: “A Self-Portrait” (Out May 6th, 2022)

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