I’m following this dark, viking-like series for like the first time it actually appeared, waiting for the opportune moment to write something. There is a saying that tells that art is music for the eyes, and for good reason I can only think about Heilung’s music as a soundtrack for this project. As soon as you’ll listen to this project, you’ll understand what I mean.

Alexandru Moga‘s name will probably ring a bell for most of you. He is a photographer and designer we admire for a long time now. Indeed, his project varies from dreamy landscapes, powerful portraiture or dark photography, but all in all, his work is inspired both from mythologies and spirituality. Next to being a talented photographer and digital artist, Alexandru also crafts wooden spoons. Nordic influenced, this series will immediately embark you on an imaginary trip, to different dimensions, from Viking age to voodoo spirits. It’s a new concept in Romanian photography, more like a personal adventure, yet being able to share ideas and emotions with the viewer.

Photography has always been my hobby and I love taking portraits,landscapes and mostly everything else that captures my attention.

Find Alexandru’s work on:  Facebook | Website

All copyrights: (c) Alexandru Moga

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Still can't tell exactly my origins because of my suspiciously ‘Chinese eyes’.