Thirty-five years after the Romanian Revolution, many questions remain. An elaborate cinematic concert based on the documentary “Revolutia Nevazuta” (The Unseen Revolution) treated wounds as it was presented in the premiere as part of the Timișoara Community Gala 2023. Its ability to transport feelings through time was primarily due to the brilliance of sound, much like a man-made teleporter that could recreate memories in terms of beauty.

While the shores of the past still mourn the waves of memories that washed them away, the sands turn into dust as they seek their footsteps for fear of being swept away by the cold wind of oblivion. In this landscape, “The Unseen Revolution” regales the horizon with waters of long-forgotten memories.

There is something ghostly about the documentary, one that blizzards your soul with trojans of empathy, and piles of love that make you easily refuse the plow of the world at large.

The artists Petre Ionuțescu and Cristian Văduva incorporated the metaphor of time into the present through a cinematic live performance that built a feeling over every thread.

In this regard, “The Unseen Revolution” beckons the public with the mantle of that inner journey through which, as in a comradely pact, the present and the past exchange identities. As a result of this experiment, memory regains its maturity, after time has stopped pampering it with the fictitious caresses of modernity.

The documentary is also a creative tribute that presents you with a world with a slightly alien setting, but as sincere as possible, and a story that is still in the early stages of development. This film is an unbridled and honest cry from some chests weary of the toil of the yoke and the ever-present lump in the throat.

The documentary includes video fragments from the personal archives of Octavian Adi Văduva and Tiberiu Stoian taken in December 1989. The images presented exclusively at the Timișoara Community Gala 2023 were filmed between December 20-23, 1989.

Photos: (c) Andreea Eva Herczegh