Whispering Sons is a Belgian post-punk band currently residing in Brussels. Known for their catchy, melancholic sound, the project has succeeded to stick in our minds pretty well. We can talk about songs that can easily be categorized as goth, post-punk hits, such as “Alone“, that tears me apart every time I listen to it. Is that trembling in her voice and in her tone that makes me dizzy. The guitar’s echo is carefully, knowingly borrowed from The Sisters of Mercy and, it’s a delight. On top of that, the dark atmosphere and the strange, convulsed, Ian Curtis– like dance moves complete and transform the whole scenery into a conscious, peculiar melancholy.

I first saw Whispering Sons at Dark Bombastic Evening, back in 2017. Off topic, there was announced a tenth edition of DBE this year in august so stick around. Back to Whispering Sons now. Although their live performance was special, something seemed to miss there. Maybe it was that exhausting heat that didn’t work out with this wave, post-punk they tried to convey. Nonetheless, their events can’t be missed.

Their live performances feel agitated and uneasy, yet always remain raw and honest. Whispering Sons‘ first EP ‘Endless Party‘ was released in 2015, followed by two 7 inches in 2016 and 2017. Their debut album ‘Image‘ was released on October 19, 2018.

The show in Bucharest will be completed by Faunlet. Formed in 2012 in Bucharest, by Peter (vocals, guitar, synths), Faunlet is a dark emotional band that combines different genres to create a unique sonic and visual landscape. We wrote about Faunlet’s latest release “My lover the Minotaur” that: “It is hard to precisely describe this music style, it’s a complex mixture of goth and shoegaze with depressive lyrics. The DNA of their sounds remains mostly the same, it is known that Faunlet is a journey reaching through the edges of depression and despair. ” (see link here)

Events: Bucuresti | Cluj

Organized by: Waves with no Ends