I’ve always thought Faunlet‘s music should have its own special place, its own dark and sexual world, where strange, mysterious creatures would complete this oddly dreamy scenario. But what I find mesmerizing is that whenever the band releases a song, that wild curiosity pops in your head and you’re placed somewhere in between, not knowing for sure what to expect. That was yesterday, when I first listened to the song. Today I’m pressing the shit out of this replay button, to be sure that “My lover the Minotaur” will have its place in my dreams.

It is hard to precisely describe this music style, it’s a complex mixture of goth and shoegaze with depressive lyrics and despite the fact that these lyrics are a bit weird, they are somehow meant to become a love letter, as Arctic Drones wrote on one of their review: ” the biggest irony in Faunlet’s music is that all the despair, murders and blood are the result of love.

My lover the Minotaur
A quiet and gentle beast
Yet so virile
He lives in a world
Where our love’s illegal
He hides from the world
In a deathlike slumber
He carries a burden
As old as time
Deeply familiar
But different than mine
We are conjoined
Conjoined at the heart
Connected through past skies
We’re siamese stars
My lover the sleeping bull

The DNA of their sounds remains mostly the same, it is known that Faunlet is a journey reaching through the edges of depression and despair. “My lover the Minotaur” reflects all the aspects of being hurt or in love, and I simply like Peter‘s voice here, this whispered-recited poem transforms the song into an intense experience. I can’t even say what I loved the most, the song or the video, it’s just a perfect match that captures the most profound feels and everything flows very smoothly, sometimes making it hard to notice when it ends.

All copyright: (c) Faunlet

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