Scratches released their brand new video made by Nicholas Winter. The song “Sorry” was taken from the band’s latest album “Rundown”.

Whether in old manor houses, ballrooms, synagogues, in Brandenburg or the Himalayas, the four piece-band Scratches from Basel, feel at home amongst spiderwebbed, stonewalled and myth enshrouded locations for writing their cinematic ‚soundtrackesque‘ dark songs. Anyone who knows the atmospheres within forsaken manor houses or castle ruins is aware that time perseveres at such places, it is marked on the walls, it settles. And so it is that Scratches are sometimes accompanied by bats and ghosts while creating their music. This is not only a tale, it‘s an actually true story. In the late hours, in the salons, they turn back time and wander through the aged record collections of the former ladies and lords and dive into the varied genres of music history found.

“Before Beyond”, October 2019 sees the release of their 3rd album, appropriately titled in relation to the album‘s content, “Rundown”.

With dark pop and dark indie, as tag lines, the new album “Rundown” consists of electro-based songs accompanied by rough, scratchy vocals and comes along more minimal, more down to the core than its forerunner. Eight dark and poetical pieces, moody, from smooth to raw, are woven together by Sandro Corbat, Marco Nenniger and Jonas Prina and infused with the cryptic lyrics and versatile voice of Sarah Maria Bürgin. Following his work on “Before Beyond” as a co-producer, Darren Hayne rejoins as the band as a sound engineer while Nicholas Winter (photography) and Max Zitzer (album design) continue their artistic design collaboration as they already did, back on the debut album.

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