Australian hard rock group BIG RED FIRE TRUCK have announced their new record “Trouble In Paradise” which will be released on August 4, 2023. The lead single “Trouble In Paradise” has already reached the ears of and earned praise from the members of Steel Panther.

Michael Starr, about the song: “I rate it. A strong 4 out of 5 Eddie Van Halen. It’s commercially awesome. The chorus is catchy, the pre-chorus is catchy, there’s a killer guitar solo in it, the backgrounds are big and juicy and wet and the guitar tone is pretty bitchin. His vocals are fn killer too. I was stoked to hear it… There’s so much 80s dripping off that track, I couldn’t get enough of it.”

Satchell: “The singer’s a great singer. That guy’s got a really powerful voice. They’re gonna go far, these kids.”

The band is an explosive, sun-drenched hard rock quartet with a reputation for high energy, fun, and memorable live shows. Having already built their name with fiery performances across Australia and the UK, the band has performed alongside Reckless Love (Finland) and headlined a 6-month residency at Sydney’s famous Frankie’s Pizza.

Their music sports the mix of musicianship and tongue-in-cheek humor of bands like Van Halen and The Darkness, alongside the modern rock polish of contemporaries Reckless Love and Heat.


1. Neon Sunsets
2. Trouble in Paradise
3. Love Bite
4. Psychotropic Thunder
5. Miami Skies
6. Hot Summer Nights

“Trouble In Paradise” was recorded & mixed by Sydney’s The Brain Studios with producer Clayton Segelov, mastered by Grant Berry at Fader Mastering in the UK.

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