rýr (islandic: barren, sparse, weak) is an instrumental post-metal band from Berlin, Germany.

Left Fallow is the debut album from rýr, and it combines crushing and heavy riffs with spherical clean sounds in a non-standard yet intuitive way to balance different sets of emotions within individual songs. The concept of the band is to create diverging spheres in a simple and abstract way that is best suitable for being performed in an absorbing live environment. The six songs are perfectly filling over 50 minutes of an auditive journey.

Even though the 7 tracks on Left Fallow are dark tunes, the quartet focuses on conveying a broad range of positive sentiments by performing their music, playing live and meeting all the people that would like to share similar experiences.

Left Fallow was recorded and mixed by Jan Oberg at Hidden Planet Studios (The Ocean, Abest, Sun Worship) and mastered by Role at Tonmeisterei Oldenburg (Omega Massif, Ahab, Jungbluth).