Burning Man unveils its 2024 Temple design at Black Rock City, which takes its inspiration from the traditional weaving techniques of the Lebanese Khaizaran chairs as well as Neo-Gothic and Art Deco styles. The architectural influences come from Caroline Ghosn‘s earliest memories, who is Burning Man’s first BIPOC lead artist for 2024.

The design is an attempt to hold together the “duality” of small-scale craft and large-scale architecture, to create a peaceful and contemplative space for visitors.

Temple of Together, Burning Man’s shrine designed by Caroline Ghosn, will rise 70 feet above the surface of the beach at Black Rock City and span 94 feet in diameter. Located in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, the sanctuary will be completed in time for the Burning Man festival, which will take place between August 25th and September 2nd, 2024.

The team is now exploring different material options, considering safety while trying to ensure that the temple is “more sustainable“. To comply with fire safety requirements, the materials need to be sufficiently thick, so they will experiment with the appropriate material for the weave.

In addition to the structural elements, other non-structural timber – including the fence and arches – will be sourced from wood reclaimed from past installations and that has been salvaged from trees killed by pine beetles.

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