Based on a character created by Dryad, TASSI is a bard in the universe of heaven and a man who embarks on an esoteric and mystical journey to find his lover, Uni. We talked with Dryad about things that inspire his music, Buddhism, the meaning of life, and the sadness of this world!

Hi! For the readers who might not be familiar with TASSI, could you go into the genesis of the project a little bit?

Hello, my friends! Glad to accept your interview.

My solo band was founded on May 28, 2020, which was my 32nd birthday. It was my first birthday present to myself. In fact, I was writing a new song for my Bliss Illusion band at that time, but suddenly I thought I should release a personal album. The inspiration theme came from my personal novel to Northland, and the language of the lyrics was my own creation.

Music is for people, it is magical. Nowadays, people’s lives need magic to support them rather than extreme technology

Once you’re diving into TASSI‘s newest album, “Northland III,” a new world is revealed that can either blow your mind or break your heart. Some may not understand metal or blackgaze, but TASSI speaks in a language you can finally interpret. With “Northland III,” it’s just not enough to listen to it; you wanna chew on it and enjoy its divine flavor.

How do you feel that you have evolved both musically and personally since creating TASSI?

After having my own solo band, I became more aware of myself than before. It was a very happy thing. I even spent most of my time and energy on my personal album, including now I am recording my fourth album. In 2020, I completed two albums. While many Bliss Illusion fans support my personal album, they are also complaining about when the second album of Bliss Illusion will be released, because I really missed some time.

Could you enlighten our readers on the artistic concept of TASSI? What are the ideas and feelings that you put in it?

I hope my “Northland III” can bring peace and warmth to people and make them feel good about life. Music is for people, it is magical. Nowadays, people’s lives need magic to support them rather than extreme technology.

While the emotional core may seem intact on every song, both the songwriting and vocals are variable. From beautifully mastered clean vocals to desperate screams, TASSI makes us finally comprehend and embrace our purpose. Turning himself into a thinker, he drives from “Northland III,” an existentialist concept.

What was it that inspired you in putting together the latest album?

The artistic concept and Inspiration of my personal album are mainly from the song ‘Leave Abhassara Deva’ by Bliss Illusion. It is a watershed in the theme. I don’t want to be limited to the works with Buddhist theme elements. I want to create a romantic and divine world. My “Northland” is the best place. And I know I will go back there. I am very firm in this belief.

What is your personal perception of life and how does it reflect on your work?

Life has given me a lot of things, both good and bad. Although I don’t like the world, I know I have to experience it here. We all came to this world with tasks and hopes. We should cherish each other. I know everyone is sad and will get better.

I hope my music can keep the children’s, pure hearts

Have you considered collaborating with other artists as well?

Jónsi and Kim Carlson.

What albums/artists have influenced your career so far?

I like Sigur Rós singer Jónsi very much! His solo album go has influenced me deeply. Kim Carlsson, the lead singer of Lifelover, is also an artist I love very much. I like Gorgoroth, Bethlehem, Silencer, Satyricon, Darkthrone, Emperor, Nocturnal Depression, and envy.

If your music was to be taught in school, what do you think the children should learn from it?

Although I have no children, I hope my music can keep the children’s, pure hearts. Do you know that children are actually very close to elves and gods, and they are easy to connect with them?

There are still many people who believe that post metal or shoegaze influences destroy the true meaning of metal. How do you see this?

I love those classic black metal bands in my early years. They are like the Enlightenment of my soul and music. But I think black metal can also be romantic or full of divinity. Although I love those classic black metal bands very much, I prefer to create beautiful black metal, because it is related to the soul, and everyone’s soul is different, and the soul is incomplete, so there will be darkness as well as light, and we will eventually be close to eternity and perfection, but both are indispensable.

I want to create beautiful and warm music to connect with the sad people in the world

If the human mind is related to an energy of the Universe, do you think music is what makes the connections? Discuss on that.

One of my Masters said that before music became entertainment culture, it was an important medium used by our ancestors to cure diseases, exorcise demons, and communicate with gods. I believe in the mystery of music. I’m lucky to have it. So I want to create beautiful and warm music to connect with the sad people in the world.

In a world increasingly affected by selfishness and indifference, is there any more passion in art?

I think art is the best medium to communicate with the gods. The gods will accept our spirituality at any time. Although the world is very sad, people are still very strong. I think people need to move the warmth of their souls because people will never be far away from the universe and never far away. So I always say that everything is slowly healing, and we will finally reach the other side.

Has the income issue become too important for artists nowadays?

This is a very common problem. Most people are like this because the energy of the material world is too powerful, but people really misunderstand the meaning of many things. They have been lost for a long time, but they will find the outlet for the truth. May our troubles and worries vanish.

If you were, to sum up, the whole album in a single word, which would that word be?


I am glad to accept your interview. I hope you can take good care of yourself, your family and friends. We will get better. See you later!

On “Northland III,” every track stands as a powerful statement on its own. The album is a piece of music caught between worlds, material and immaterial, and finally between TASSI‘s universe. “Northland III” is redefining TASSI‘s history, as it feels like a masterpiece, tearing you apart while making you feel whole.

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