There is no doubt that in the past years, electronic musicians have invested a great deal of energy into exploring lesser-known sub-genres and put them once on the table in contemporary ways. ULTRA SUNN is amazingly doing so.

The coldwave/EBM duo was formed in 2019 in Brussels by Sam Huge and Gaelle Souflet. Though they are not shy about their influences – everything from Schwefelgelb, DAF, Boy Harsher, The Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode to Lana del Rey- it doesn’t make them genre purists.

Ever since their track ‘Night is Mine’ was released in September 2019, their style infuses elements of melodic coldwave, electronic body music, classic synth-pop, and in some instances, industrial. The result is both satisfying and uncompromising.

With ULTRA SUNN, everything is about solid messages. While referring to the sounds of the past, the band keeps in mind its desire for modernity, exploring themes of gender equality, street harassment, or the normative aspect of society.

On “Night Is Mine EP – Vorwärts Edition,” we find three previous singles (‘Night is Mine,’ ‘Keep Your Eyes Peeled,’ ‘Distress’) plus ‘Night is Mine’ (SARIN Remix and a new beat mix), and ‘Keep You Eyes Peeled’ (Kontravoid Remix and instrumental version).

Our tracks are made for dancing, and with our music, we create spaces where we can all express our true self.

ULTRA SUNN for Snooze Control

Sam’s vocals on ‘Out of the Cage’ are coming close to Dave Gahan, sounding captivating yet atmospheric. Separately, the sharp synthesizers exude a dark atmosphere and a dynamic and clear voice.

Once ‘Waves’ pops in, you get gothic solid-electronic vibes perfectly balanced with some kind of demented funk. ULTRA SUNN‘s ‘Waves’ includes clear influences from Jean Michel Jarre’s cosmic nuances. These celestial shades only add special attention to their visual identity, while the melancholic and danceable rhythms make them quite hypnotic.

With “Night Is Mine EP – Vorwärts Edition,” you will find EDM, coldwave, techno, and darkwave, all rendered into unique forms of dancefloor hits. ULTRA SUNN has found the right recipe in a saturated coldwave world, creating an eclectic mixture of old and new styles.

This is an EP I cannot stop playing. It has a fantastic drive and motion that smoothly changes from one track to another, giving the listener a feeling of taking a journey. While Sam and Gaelle twist through the emotional turmoil of our modern psyche, they’ve created a complete work without a weak track. To sum it up, buying this EP by ULTRA SUNN is like getting ten records for the price of one.

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Photos: (c) Kris Parenti

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