US-based alt-rock electro power duo Weird Wolves, consisting of Ava Gore and Raphael Colantonio, announce the release of their new single, “The Passengers,” through Out Of Line Music. This dynamic track brings together the musical heritage of both artists with its modernized 80s post-punk flair.

Weird Wolves about the song: “The Passengers delves into the profound emotions of alienation and the challenge of connecting with others in a world marked by superficial conversations.” 

The lyrics also touch on the fast-paced nature of life and the hope for meaningful connections before it’s too late, questioning if we are all lonely passengers on this journey. Written by Raphael during his teenage years, the song’s timeless lyrics retain their original depth and meaning, resonating with modern listeners. Ava’s enchanting vocals and contemporary production techniques breathe new life into this classic, conveying a powerful message about feeling ‘alone together.’

The band will play their European debut show at Glass Danse Festival with icons like Iceland’s electro pioneers GusGus and synthpop/dark wave act Austra from Canada. For Austra, this will be the only exclusive European show this year. Glass Danse will take place at Astra Kulturhaus Berlin on November 10 & 11

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