Cluj-Napoca-based artist Nicoleta Mureș uses Instagram filters, video, and digital collages to explore how society is being affected by an increased reliance on technology and the internet. She creates surreal worlds in mind-bending 3D concept artworks, and her style spans a wide range of genres, from conventional figure-based art to sims stuck in cinder blocks or watermelon volcanoes. These are only a few elements of the dystopian, sometimes quirky pieces Nicoleta creates.

She says that her practice is a continuous observation of the virtual body under different stress-related situations, anxieties, and fears, and her goal is to further investigate the possibilities and limitations that put the flesh, be it real or digital in the spotlight.

My visuals predict a dystopian future, where people have to deal with unreal emotions, isolation, and disembodiment while being influenced by the way in which technology fuels humanity’s desire to consume. My projects reflect on how the Internet distorts life and the profound changes that affect humankind. The lack of reactions from reality is what made her think that we are heading towards a “numbness” of senses and personality. As we spend more time searching for content on the Internet, we increase the possibility that we become like the objects around us: still, fixed in appliances, immovable.

Nicoleta Mureș

Nicoleta’s works were also displayed in festivals: Tour de Moon, Simultan, Digerati Emergent Media Festival, and art fairs: Liste Art Fair Basel and Viennacontemporary.

All copyrights belong to (c) Nicoleta Mureș

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