Ukrainian doom proggers Stoned Jesus released two new songs last year, ‘CON’ and ‘Porcelain’, but now it’s time to kick it off. Nowadays, the trio is treating the world with the atmospheric blues of ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ – a somewhat fitting title to their current situation.

But it’s not just the song ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ that’s being released today. Serving as the first half of the bigger song cycle, “Father Light” is the first full-length of new material from Ukrainians in five years and will be released upon this world on March 3rd, 2023. With its deep lyrical themes and genre-bending music content, “Father Light” serves as an introduction to the new chapter of Stoned Jesus lore.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Igor comments: “I wrote these songs mostly in 2019, we worked on them through 2020, recorded them in 2021, and were ready to release them in 2022…and finally the first batch of them is coming out as ‘Father Light’ in 2023! So this is neither our “pandemic” nor our “war” record, this is something I was really obsessed about many months ago – climate change, media numbness, corporations’ impact, social divisions…

But revisiting these issues years later shows that they’re still important and this is still something that resonates with us – and hopefully will resonate with many other people, too. Musically I think this is our most diverse and mature record to date, but there’s a good dose of old-school Stoned Jesus there too!

Anyway, enjoy this one and fingers crossed for 2024’s release of ‘Mother Dark’ – the moodier, more personal, more experimental sister album to ‘Father Light'”

Stoned Jesus recently announced their appearance on the mighty Hellfest of 2023. You can pre-order “Father Light” here.

1. Father Light
2. Season of the Witch
3. Thought and Prayers
4. Porcelain
5. CON
6. Get What You Deserve

Recording studio – Spivaki Records, Ukraine
Producer / sound engineer – Artem Altunin and Dmytro Zinchenko
Mastering: Metropolis Studio, London, UK – Andy “Hippy” Baldwin

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Band photos: (c) Mateusz Kluba

Cover artwork: (c) Anton Pcholkin